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专栏简介:水动力型滑坡灾害机理与防控--ZHOU Jiawen [127]

Experimental Study on the Stability of Rainfall-induced Gravel Landslide Post Earthquake--SU Lijun, LIANG Shuangqing and WANG Yang [34]

Study on Microscopic Process of Fine Particle Migration in Loose Soil--YIN Yanzhou, CUI Yifei, LIU Dingzhu and LEI Mingyu [31]

Study on the Suitability of Fluorescence Photoelectric Method in Monitoring Underground Seepage of Reservoir Bank Landslide--MENG Yongdong, WAN Miao, TIAN Bin, ZHU Weixi and LU Weiping [34]

Simulation Method of Hydraulically Driven Breaking-sliding Process for Landslide Dam--WANG Lin, DUAN Qingwei, SUN Ping, ZHANG Qiang, LIU Lipeng and WANG Naixin [49]

Study on Physical Simulation of Rainfall Infiltration Process of Landslide Accumulation Body--WANG Rubin, XIA Rui, XU Weiya, WANG Huanling and QI Jian [37]

Slope Stability Analyses of Outang Landslide Based on the Peak and Residual Shear Strength Behavior--YANG Xiuhan and VANAPALLI Sai [66]

Experimental Study on Influence of Initial Relative Density on K0 of Coarse Grained Soil--JIANG Mingjie, ZHU Jungao and HE Shunbin [24]

Investigation on Rating Method of Cable Force Increment Adjustment Factor--GUI Chengzhong, SONG Guohua, KE Zaitian and QI Falin [23]

PIV Experimental Study on Velocity Fluctuations of Turbulent Flow in Open Channel--ZHONG Liang, JIANG Tong, ZHANG Jianmei and LIU Junjie [31]

Empirical Formulas of Flood Peak Discharge Based on Variable Fuzzy Clustering in Small Mountainous Watersheds--WU Jian, YE Lei, GUO Liang, JI Rongbin, LI Min and ZHOU Huicheng [28]

Stability Analysis of the Soil-rock-mixture Slopes Under Different Rock Block Proportions and Dip Angles of Bedrock--LIU Shunqing, CAI Guojun, ZHOU Aizhao and JIANG Pengming [22]

Influence of Spatial Variability of Tensile Strength on Seismic Cracking of Gravity Dam--LI Zefa, WU Zhenyu, LU Xiang, PEI Liang and YANG Zhe [24]

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