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Influence of Channel Adjustment of Guanzhou Reach on Flow Diversion at Songzikou After Impoundment of Three Gorges Reservoir--HUANG Li and LIU Shihe [24]

Investigation of Aeration of Tidal Bore Front by Physical Experiments--YUE Shubo, ZENG Jian, CHEN Yongping and ZHANG Zhiyong [8]

Influence of Stepped Boulder Array on Flow Structure in Mountain River--YE Chen, ZHANG Chenling, ZHANG Shaopei, YANG Fengguang and WANG Xiekang [11]

Loading Rate Dependency of Impact Induced Rock Fragmentation During Rockfall--SHEN Weigang, ZHAO Tao, TANG Chuan and DAI Feng [8]

Preliminary Determination of Site Effect of Rock Slope in Different Topographic and Geologic Conditions--ZHOU Yongqiang, CHENG Yongfeng, ZHU Zhaoqing, LU Zhicheng, ZHU Zeqi and SHENG Qian [4]

Optimal Support in Soft Rock Tunnel Based on the Unified Strength Theory and Steady Creep Guideline--ZENG Kaihua, YANG Weihan, ZHANG Changguang and DAI Hongtao [9]

Measurement of Geostress Direction Based on Borehole Stereopair Imaging Technique--ZOU Xianjian, WANG Chuanying, HAN Zengqiang, WANG Jinchao and WANG Yiteng [3]

Pattern Characteristics of Bubble Plumes in Plug-flow Aeration Tank--ZHU Yaqin, ZHANG Faxing and XU Weilin [2]

Modeling Turbidity Currents in the Xiaolangdi Reservoir with the Effect of Flow Exchanges with Tributaries--WANG Zenghui, XIA Junqiang, ZHANG Junhua and LI Tao [2]

Determination of the Shear Strength Through the Triaxial Test Using MTS--FAN Limin, FU Wenxi, WEI Yufeng and ZHOU Hongfu [5]

Analysis of Heat Transfer Performance of a Self-similarity Microchannel Heat Sink and Structure Optimization--WANG Zhe, SUN Licheng, LIU Hongtao, XIE Guo, TANG Jiguo and BAO Jingjing [4]

Cam Profile Surface Analysis of Swing Output Movable Teeth Cam Mechanism--LI Jianfeng, ZHAO Hongwei, ZHANG Leiyu and YU Yang [4]

Study of Local Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient of PCB Board in Electronic Chassis Under Forced Air-cooling--WANG Qiuxiao, FU Xiaoyan, TAN Jian and ZHANG Guangyan [6]

Algebraic Solution for Rigid-body Guidance Synthesis of Planar Four-bar Linkages with Prescribes Timing--LI Xuegang, WEI Shimin, LIAO Qizheng and ZHANG Ying [5]

Analysis on Geometric Characteristics of Cylindrical Gear with Variable Hyperbolic Circular-arc-tooth-trace--LUO Lan, HOU Li, ZHAO Fei, WU Yang and BAI Qingsong [3]

Velocity Model of Abrasive Water Jet Based on the Bisection Method and Iterative Algorithm--ZHANG Wenfeng, LU Yiyu, TANG Jiren and LU Xiaohui [3]

State Prediction Method Research in NC Machine Tool Based on Multidimensional Time Series--LI Hai, WANG Wei, HUANG Pu, DU Li and ZHANG Xinyu [2]

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