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Experimental Study on the Seismic Behavior of RC Frame with Fiber Gypsum Infilled Wall--XIONG Feng, WANG Pan, ZHANG Weibo and CHEN Jiang [88]

Case Study of Informationized Construction on High and Steep Rocky Slope in Hydropower Engineering--LI Linrui, DENG Jianhui, PU Xiaofeng, HU Jinshan, LIU Tiexin, CHEN Tao and ZHANG Zhenghu [48]

Application of Catastrophe Theory to Determine the Instability Criterion for Geo-mechanical Model Test--DONG Jianhua, ZHANG Lin, XU Yuanfei, CHEN Jianye and LIU Yukun [59]

Study on the Bearing Capacity of Deep Circular Foundation Considering the Axisymmetric Compaction Deformation of Sand Ground--LIU Guanfei and LEI Shengyou [60]

Multi Conditions and Objectives Global Layout Optimization of Main Frame and Hydraulic Hoist System Structure--ZHANG Xuecai, WANG Zhengzhong, SUN Danxia, FANG Hanmei and LIU Liu [47]

Structural Evolution of Porous and Fractured Media of the Ore-rock Granular Based on Aeration Assisted Heap Leaching--YU Shaofeng, WU Aixiang and HUANG Mingqing [60]

Progressive Collapse Nonlinear Analysis on Composite Frames with CFST Columns Based on Static-dynamic Analytic Conversion Procedure in Fires--WANG Jingxuan, WANG Wenda and LI Huawei [43]

Research on the Prediction Model of Deformation of High Core Rockfill Dam During Construction Period--LU Xiang, WU Zhenyu, ZHOU Zhengjun and CHEN Jiankang [39]

Nonlinear Finite Element Simulation Method for Contact Face of Rock-anchored Beam and Surrounding Rock in Underground House--WANG Xiaowei, CHEN Juntao, XIE Jinyuan, XIAO Ming and DENG Jian [56]

Fracturing Experiment and Numerical Simulation Study on New Material Containing a Hollow Internal Crack Under Internal Water Pressure--FU Jinwei, ZHU Weishen, ZHANG Xinzhong, SHI Luyang and XIE Fudong [51]

Study on Anti-collapse Performance of Double Web Angles Connection Under Different Span Ratios--ZHONG Weihui, MENG Bao and HAO Jiping [44]

Parallel Operator and Application to Parallel Structures Detection in Images--JIA Liqin, LIU Hongmin and WANG Zhiheng [49]

Study on the Influence of Evaporation Duct on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the Bay Area of West Indian Ocean--TIAN Bin, GE Yijun, LI Huizhou, YU Ping and CUI Yujuan [34]

A Gaussian Nonlinear Iterated Update Filter--LU Xin, LIU Zhong, ZHANG Hongxin and ZHANG Jianqiang [41]

Semantically Searchable Encryption Scheme Supporting Ranking Verification--YANG Yang, YANG Shulue, CAI Shengwei, LIU Jia and LI Guangyan [32]

An Improved RSA-based Certificateless Multi-signature Scheme--NONG Qiang, HUANG Rufen and CHEN Qunshan [40]

A Method of Node Importance Measurement in Software Network Based on the Variations of h-Index--DING Yi, LI Bing, CHENG Can and ZHAO Yuqi [34]

Phase Correction Correlation-based Phase Difference Estimation Method for Non-half Period Sampled Signals--SHEN Yanlin, ZHOU Likun, LI Ming and XIAO Wei [28]

Robust Visual Tracking Via Online Low-rank Sparse Representation--KONG Fanqiang, WANG Dandan, SHEN Qiu, BIAN Chending and YAN Xiaole [28]

Designing Anti-aliasing Rendering Structure for Large Scenes Based on Deferred Shading--LUO Dening and ZHANG Jianwei [35]

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